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April 27, 2010
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Fishtext is a lightweight free downloadable mobile java application which uses internet access (GPRS, 3G, EDGE...) to send text messages (SMS) to more than 200 countries and over 700 providers for as low as $0.02/message. Free registration is required but no no matter which country you're from you get $0.4 credit at signup. This means you'll have credit for minimum 20 free SMS messages. If you like the service and if it pays off you may use your credit / debit card, Google checkout, PayPal, or SMS to fill up your account balance. Sending messages can be done even form your online account too.

There are two ways to register. One way is to download / install the software and fill the registration form in the application. The other is to register trough the fishtext website at

If you send lot of text messages (expecially abroad) on a regular basis it is definitely worth to try this little app. For $1 you can send about 50 messages abroad which would otherwise cost you more than $5.

For more info, registration and to download this application click the link bellow. If you'd like to download the app directly to your mobile visit the Fishtext mobile site.
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